6 useful smartphone magical tricks to impress your friends

1. Control your computer with your phone

A host of apps, from Spotify to YouTube, have some kind of remote control functionality built in. If you want overall control of your laptop or desktop, take a look at the likes of Unified Remote and Alfred.

2. Digitise your documents

Thanks to the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, you no longer need a scanner to get all of your paper files up into the cloud evernote, google drive and CamScanner are three of several apps that can do the job.

3. Identify songs in an instant

You can use apps such as Shazam orSoundHound to work out what you’re listening to, but you don’t have to: Google Now, Siri and Cortana can all respond to the voice command “what song is this?”.

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4. Put your contact details on your lock screen

If someone else finds your phone, will they be able to get it back to you? Put your details on the lock screen to make sure: the option is in Settings on Android, Health on iOS and on Windows Phone you’ll have to edit the wallpaper.

5. Turn Wi-Fi off with your voice

The future is here: Siri, Google Now and Cortana let you turn off Wi-Fi with your voice. Just launch your app of choice and say “turn off Wi-Fi” to achieve the desired result. It works with Bluetooth as well).

6. Use aeroplane mode to speed up charging

Just like everyone else you probably want your phone to charge up as quickly as possible (even more so if you’re in a rush). Put it in aeroplane mode and it will use much less battery life and thus charge more quickly.

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