Android Oreo contains the new ‘install unknown apps’ feature and it will protect us

Android Oreo contains the new ‘install unknown apps’ feature: Those wicked individuals or organisations that proliferate PHAs (Potentially Harmful Apps) have gotten the sneakier and smarter into the fooling the people install them. Now Android Oreo is also stepping up its game to help protect your smartphones. User insisted the installing apps or even the updates from the unknown source.

Android Oreo contains the new ‘install unknown apps’ feature, and it will protect us:

Android Oreo contains the new ‘install unknown apps’ feature

The Android Oreo comes a new way of the making you only install the “safe” apps through the “install unknown apps”. The Google permission as a part of its Google Play protects Security feature.

Your device gets the Android Oreo upgrade; you will notice that the “Allow unknown source” setting option is already gone. It has a permanent fixture from the early days of the Android because it not everyone will want just to install this app from the Google Play Store. It has said to be the safest way to get your apps. Now, this app has been replacing with the “install unknown apps” permission. It should be a more secure way of the doing and above those pesky PHAs.

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The Google permission is tied to the app that will prompt the install app. In this way, the customer grants permission to install the source first. It can prompt to the install the original app. The Hostile downloaders will not able to trick the customers anymore with installing an app or security update. That may include a PHA without the “go-ahead” first from the user. Now, you have the more transparent and streamline the process of the installing apps from the unknown sources.

These apps settings also show you list of the all the apps that you’re accepted with the “install unknown source” permission. The user wants to revoke it for the particular app in anytime. Users have to wait for the Android 8.0 Oreo to get your device before you can enjoy these features.

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Developer changes:

Take advantage of the new behaviour, the developers of this app that require the ability to download and install the other apps. Via the packages of the installer may want to make the same charges. If the app uses a targeted level of 26 or above the prompts the customers to install the other apps also.

Apps are not declaring this permission cannot install other apps. A hard security protection for this apps has no intention of doing so. The user can choose the protective direct is your customer to install unknown apps permission. To screen using the Action_Manage_Unknown_App_Source of the intended action.

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