Be Safe! If you also use Open Wi-Fi or hotspot, then this news is for you! 

There is a railway station or public park, restaurant, or airport, where public wifi service is available everywhere. You know it by the name of WiFi hot spots. Its circulation is increasing day by day. Under this, free WiFi service is provided to the consumers. Consumers also enjoy this service by expanding it. But do you know that this service is extremely dangerous too. Your slightest inadvertency can become a mess.

1. Close all sharing

If you are using public WiFi, first stop all sharing of phones and laptops. For example, if you have connected the phone with Bluetooth, Printer or any other device, then also lock it. Sharing is the biggest medium of virus coming.

2. VPN

If you use public WiFi too much then use PPN network. Although this service has to be paid a little, but through this, you are largely safe. Browsing is less likely to cause viruses. Today many VPN services are available for Android phone and Windows operating system. In this, your personal information such as password, email etc. is also safe with the device.

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3. Make use of HTTPS

Always browse the HTTPS website while using WiFi hotspot. When you use a website, you will find that initially HTTP and HTTPS are written. You use those sites that are on HTTPS are more secure. With the Chrome and Firefox browser in Windows operating system based laptops, you can use the HTTPS experience extension. In the same Android smartphone you can use the Chrome browser. There is an option to activate HTTPS Everywhere.

4. Two Layer Authentication

If you are using WiFi Hot-Spot and opening your email ID or an account, then try using a double-layer password. After entering the password, the code for the authentication comes on the phone, which is very safe.

5. Avoid fake WiFi

While public Wi-Fi services are offered, many other WiFi services will also be available. Many of these are counterproductive, which only work and steal data only. You avoid them. First, find out the name of the public WiFi service being provided and use it. Fake WiFi connects easily and connects with lots of viruses into the device.

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6. Fire the firewall

If you are using public WiFi, activate the firewall in your system. Most of the operating systems have the option of enabling the firewall. For Android phones you can download the firewall app. Firewall options in Windows operating system based laptops or systems will be found in the system and security of the control panel.

7. Do not connect with automatic

Often we keep phone and laptop on automatic WiFi connect. Never do this in the case of public WiFi. Once you have connected the WiFi, then after defragmenting the network, defer the WiFi. This will not automatically connect to it. Automatic connect can be harmful for you.

8. Anti Virus

If you are using public WiFi, then use the antivirus application in your PC and mobile and scan it over and over again.

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9. Unique Password

Even when using the public WiFi, it is even better to use a unique password for your account and email ID. It is a bit difficult to hack such a password.

10. Keep Software Update

Whether you are using public WiFi on mobile or always keep updating browser and operating system on the desktop. Many special arrangements are made to keep the device safe in the update.

11. Do not Transaction

Despite all the precautionary measures taken in public WiFi, it can be said that try not to enter banking related information and do not carry out your credit card and any transactions. In this, the danger of information being stolen is always made.

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