Do you know The Actual Reason Of Marking L And R On headphones, reality will leave you shocked! 

Many people use headphones to listen to songs and for watching movies as well, but on the same headphone, the mark of one L and the other R is made, they don’t know the actual reason

Did you notice that putting the left side earphones in your right ear and right sight earphone in the left ear does not make any difference? And when there is no difference, the voice comes similar in both, then what is the advantage of having this mark?

Actually, there are many reasonable reasons behind this. According Sound Engineering view things related to recording are one of the reasons. The first reason is ‘Recording’.

If there is a sound coming from the left side during ‘stereo recording’ then it will be heard much faster in your headphone’s left channel and a bit slow in the right channel.

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Another reason for having Left and Right channels in Earphones is that it makes it easy to listen and separate 2 sounds. Differences between them are easy to recognize.

There are many such songs, which have the sound of loud musical instruments (example-Tabla) and soft musical instrument (example-flute or violin) simultaneously.

In such a way, the sound of an instrument should not be suppressed before the voice of another, so the voice of both is narrated in separate channels (Left or Right).
Apart from this, it is important to have Left and Right channels for accurate sound recording of films. Have you ever seen a movie through earphones on your laptop or phone?
If yes! So you might have noticed that the sound of a vehicle coming from the left side of the screen comes only on the left ear side and slowly the right side reaches. This is done so that the viewer may feel there.

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