Easiest ways to Fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” and “not responding” Error on Android to improve performance

There are a number of errors we have seen in Google’s operating system. From all the Android errors, the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” is one of the common error that most of the people are complaining about. Usually, the error shows up when unlocking the app or using any third party app. After spending much time on forums, we got some possible“Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” solution for Android especially Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, HTC and more.

The “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” usually occurs when the operating system update either corrupted or unsuccessful patched on your Android device. There are some other reasons such are your device is running customized Android operating systems, sometimes installed third-party launcher effect the interface, faulty, or buggy software update can affect the system UI. Well, you must be thinking what the hell System UI Tuner is. It is a neatly hidden menu in Android Marshmallow which allows users a bit of control on the status bar and its pull-down menu. Let’s find out the perfect fix to “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error on Android.

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error on Android device

Solution #1: Uninstall Google App updates

Some people have tried the uninstalling Google app updates, and it works for them, so here I suggest you uninstall Google app update. You can uninstall Google App update by heading to Settings → Application manager or app → look for the Google App and tap on it. Now you need to tap on Uninstall updates button to uninstall the Google app updates. After uninstalling Google app updates, you need to restart your Android device and check that the error is still appearing on your screen.

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Uninstall Google App updates to fix Unfortunately, System UI has stopped ErrorSolution #2: Clear caches and data

Sometimes caches and data may have been corrupted to the latest firmware update, and it affected on your device’s performance. It is very tricky, and it works for most of the people. To solve the Unfortunately, System UI has stopped Error on Android, you should try deleting caches and data on your device. To do that go to Settings → Storage & memory → Storage → Cached data and then choose Delete. Furthermore, I suggest you clear caches and data regularly; it enhances the performance of your Android device.

Delete caches and data on your Android PhoneSolution #3: Uninstall third party app

If you have recently installed any third party app on your Android device and you noticed this error, it means the apps you have installed may conflicting with your systems UI because your system is not granting it enough permission to run the app smoothly. So uninstalling third party app is the easiest solution to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error on your Android phone.

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Solution #4: Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe Cache Partition is the simple reboot to your Android device which can fix many errors including System UI has stopped error. Most Android users with the Marshmallow operating system have faced this error due to some caches stored on the device for permanently which can be fixed through clearing cache partition from recovery mode.

In the most of the Android devices, the Wipe Cache Partition can be done by turning off your device, hold the volume down along with power button until the recovery mode shows up. And then, use the volume down button to select the recovery mode and then again use the volume down key to select Wipe Cache Partition option and press power button to select. Now you will get an option to reboot your device, so reboot your device and then check if the error is fixed or not.

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Solution #5: Factor Reset your Android device

Most of Android error can be fixed by the factory reset. Well, it is very easy and safe. The factory reset process can make your device brand new. If you have tried all above-mentioned solution and still getting the same error, then the factory reset is the best solution to fix. Unfortunately, System UI has stopped issue. Before moving to the process, you should backup your Android data first.

The factory reset process will delete you all data. If you are ready then go to Settings → Reset→ Factory data reset→ “Reset Phone” or you can also power off your device → Press down Home + Power + Volume Up buttons for a while → use volume keys to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” → confirm via the “Power” button.

Factor Reset your Android PhoneWe hope that you got the proper Unfortunately, System UI has stopped fix for your Android smartphone. If the error still showing on your screen then you should try to install other custom ROMs, it will definitely fix the error. If you have any fix, you can share us in the comments.

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