Final Fantasy XV will releasing for Android and iOS

Final Fantasy XV may not have been the strongest effort in the long-running role-playing game series, but it was good enough to warrant several free updates as well as story-based premium downloadable content (DLC). However, the game won’t be restricted to the PS4 and Xbox One or the oft-rumoured PC port.

According to Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata, Square Enix will be collaborating with Machine Zone — a smartphone developer known for the heavily advertised Game of War, on a Final Fantasy XV game.

“I must mention that we’re receiving numerous offers from other companies, and an example that is going to be developed in the near future is the collaboration with Machine Zone, and the Final Fantasy XV project that is going to be released through them is going to be interesting. There are going to be interesting projects rolling out in the future,” said Tabata in an interview with gaming blog DualShockers.

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“About the Machine Zone project, they came to us with this offer, and we’re cooperating with them, but we actually gave them the reins to see how they’re going to roll out their own version of Final Fantasy XV.

“We don’t have as much mobile know-how and expertise, that’s why they’re in charge of handling the game’s structure, and we can provide with them with support, ideas and design.”

Considering that Square Enix’s mobile games have been tremendously successful for the company, it’s odd that it would collaborate with an external studio such as Machine Zone on a game based on a mainline entry in the series. In the past it has courted external developers for spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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Given that Final Fantasy XV broke even on its day one sales alone ensures that we’re probably going to see more games around it. Hopefully they won’t feel as rushed as Final Fantasy XV did at launch.

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