Amazing Facebook new tricks of 2017 you should know

Today I am gonna Tell you top 5 tips and tricks for facebook
Tip No. 1# How to check Facebook profile visitors.

It’s very simple First of all you need to login to your Facebook profile then click on profile. then click on profile. Here right click anywhere and select view page source You can press control u and open as well. Now here press Ctrl+F and type initialchatfriendslist and press enter. Here you can see so many Facebook ids. These are the ids who visited your profile recently. To see the profile of that person Copy any id and you have to paste here at the place of username and press enter You can see the profile of that person who visited your profile

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Tip No. 2# How to logout of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet.

Suppose you open your facebook in your friends mobile or laptop and forgot to logout then no need to worry You just have to open your facebook profile on your laptop or mobile. Then go to setting from here In mobile it is Account setting Then go to security tab Here you have to look at Where You’re logged in Press here. Edit And here you can see all the logged in devices In which your facebook profile logged in To logout from any of the profile You just have to click on end activity It will logout from your friends mobile

Tip No. 3# Randos at facebook.

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To check all the people from any company Suppose you are working for a company xyz And you want to find all the person from your company It is very simple Just go to search bar and enter Randos at your company name Suppose I am working in a Microsoft and I want to look all the person who is working for Microsoft I will enter Randos at Microsoft, Press enter And here you have to click on people You will find all the person who is working for Microsoft Last one but not the least one Upside down text

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