How to easily get your website approved from Adsense- [step by step Tutorial]

Google Adsense Basic Requirements

  1. Your website or blog should be at least 6 months old.(newly blogs only from Europe, USA, Canada are accepted).
  2. Your site should not contain any adult content.
  3. Your site should not contain any copyrighted pictures, videos or links to sites that violate google policies and guidelines.
  4. Never copy and paste content from other websites. Always post new original content.write content rich pages.
  5. You should post at least 10 to 20 content rich pages before applying.
  6. You must be at least 18 years old.
  7. Your site should have a good navigation system that can link all the pages of the blog from the homepage.
  8. Include an about author page with your original photo.
  9. Copyright your content.You can signup in myfreecopyright to copyright your contents for free.
  10. Get some daily visitors through google search.I think the page views are not given much consideration.The content is all.


Process to get approval from Adsense

  • Fulfill all the 10 basic requirements that are listed above.
  •  Concentrate your writing to a specific category. This will help you get more traffic and will be a plus point while applying for Adsense.
  • “Content is King”, it really is. Write quality posts with more words. Try to explain more and include more images. Don’t concentrate on keywords. If you post original content, you will surely get good traffic automatically from search engines.
  • Check for Adsense approved websites in your category. This is because, Google does not accept all categories. Approval for some categories are easy(Medicine, Health, etc). Whereas for others it’s bit difficult. Also I heard that some friends running Banking related websites and job portals, always got bad luck even with good organic traffic and content.
  • Get some decent traffic from Google search.
  • Apply for Adsense only after 6 months. During this time, try to create more content, get some more organic traffic, try applying various SEO strategies and try to create more SEO friendly webpages.
  • Submit urls and sitemaps to Google by using Google webmaster tools and analyse your website performance using Google Analytics.
  • Remove all ads running on your site before applying for Google Adsense. It’s very important.
  • Remove links that are directed to websites that does not comply with Google guidelines. Eg: A free software download link to an external website.
  • I have not tried getting adsense approval using YouTube. Only know that the Adsense approved account(for a website) can be used to monetize a video that is uploaded from the same account. That is, you need not apply separately for video ads approval. Vice versa can also be true. The method suggests, uploading 2 or 3 new original videos to youtube and applying for Monetization program from there. I don’t think it’s an easy idea to create a video. If anybody tried this, you can confirm it here.

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