How to get suspended/ terminated adsense account back????

How can you get my AdSense account back?

The only way to get your account back that is accepted by Google is to file an appeal. You can file an appeal here or check out this article or this article about bloggers that appealed and were successful.

While the appeal process is the only way to legitimately reinstate your personal account, Google also allows legitimate businesses to apply for and join the AdSense program.

Many top AdSense earners intentionally setup and run multiple businesses (corporations or LLC’s) to diversify their AdSense income across accounts or to take advantage of smart-pricing rules and policies. No matter the reason, it’s important that these companies ACTUALLY be separate entities, both from a legal and banking perspective.

It’s also important to remember that whatever it was that got your AdSense account banned from the sites you had it on previously may again affect you if you decide to put that AdSense code on the same sites. If those sites had previously put the advertisers at risk, it’s somewhat safe to assume that another account may be considered to pose the same risk to those advertisers.

What alternatives are there to AdSense?

If you do find your AdSense account disabled, your appeal denied, and are not interested in setting up a company specifically for AdSense, all is not lost. While AdSense is known to have the best RPU (Revenue Per Unique) when compared to their direct competitors, you may be able to recover some of your lost income through the following AdSense alternatives:

  1. AdBrite – Fairly competitive payouts. Arguably the best alternative, less ad layouts and advertisers.
  2. Chitika – Relevant ad placement and a good compliment to banner advertising.
  3. Bidvertiser – No tax info required and great ad design flexibility.
  4. Infolinks – In-text advertising that compliments the others listed.
  5. Kontera – Been around a long time, easy to use, harder to get accepted.


Another approach would be to take a hard look across your sites and focus on those with the highest revenue and see if you can closely match them with products at Amazon.

The problem for most of us would be the fact that the content would have to be changed significantly to be written more as pre-sale content, but interesting studies have been done that show Amazon or affiliate advertising, pound for pound, is a better earner than AdSense anyway…you might end up making more money on a few of your sites if you can get this down.

Switching monetization strategies from AdSense to the Amazon affiliate program is an interesting strategy anyway. If you can get this down you can carve out a niche for yourself purchasing AdSense websites and strategically converting them to Amazon. (Or…best case would be to find AdSense sites and find a way to sell your own product directly.)

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