Best proven Method To Increase Your Internet Speed upto 5 Times

When you work on the internet, perhaps the first thing you’ll have to think about working with Internet speed right now. Whether you have connected dongle or wifi, the speed of Internet speed has become common nowadays.

Today We are telling you a trick that will help increase your internet speed for surely. Your internet will start running fast in the first compiler. Let us tell you that this will not be the case with the speed of 3G or the 4G speed in 3G in 2G net.

Increase Your Internet Speed ​​In 5 minutes:

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Step 1:

First, tap the window and R together and type “Gpedit.msc” into it and then click OK.

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Step 2:

After this, a window will open on your PC in which you have to click on Computer Configuration.

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Step 3:

Then you click Admin Templates and then tap on Network.

Step 4:

After clicking, you will get some options from which you have to select Qos Packet Scheduler.

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Step 5:

Now tap Limits reservable bandwidth. Then a new window will open on your PC with 3 options coming. Select Disabled from these.

Step 6:

Now click on the Apply option in the window and click OK. You will now be able to see that your internet speed will increase.

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