Major shocking disadvantages of online shopping

Online shopping seems to be a bliss for the people of current generation. Convenience, variety and attractive offers are some of the factors that make people to buy products online. The hype for online shopping is so intense that e-commerce firms have become serious threat to brick and mortar companies.

However, it can’t be denied that online shopping has its own set of demerits. Online shopping is not as convenient as it sounds because it can never give true shopping experience to the customers. Though you can virtually see the product and read its specifications, you need to wait till delivery for reality check of the product.

As festive season is going on, more and more people are indulging in online shopping these days. If you feel that there is no harm in online shopping, then you must give a second thought about it. As a smart shopper, you must be aware of the disadvantages of online shopping. Also, make sure not to get addicted to online shopping.

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Let’s check out major disadvantages of online shopping:

1) Late delivery

Due to poor inventory management, the product delivery gets delayed sometimes. Late deliveries not only diminish the excitement but also make the buyers furious.

While online shopping seems to be convenient as order can be placed within few minutes, the scheduled delivery might take about 2-4 weeks sometimes.

2) Lack of touch and feel facility

Nothing can replace the joy of shopping at crowded markets or lavish malls. The buyer is free to judge the quality and can even try the merchandise at brick and mortar stores.

However, this much-needed facility lacks in online shopping and e-commerce firms are helpless about it. Customers just can’t handle the differences of the original product from their perceived product which leads to cognitive dissonance.

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3) Poor shopping experience

Lack of interactivity and price negotiations in online shopping provide poor shopping experience to the buyers. Proper product assessment is not possible in online shopping as the representative image might not completely match with the actual product.

While many e-commerce firms have come up with the facility of a virtual shopping assistant, nothing can beat the experience of personal interaction with sales personnel of showroom. Also, visiting shopping malls or market areas provide an opportunity to the buyers to step out of their homes.

4) Online scams

Even giant e-commerce firms keep scamming people with their deceptive sales. Misleading images and bogus sales make the customers lose their trust in online firms.

Also, it is not safe to disclose bank and credit card details as many e-commerce firms are unreliable. The increasing rate of cyber crimes has affected the security of online payments.

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5) High shipping charges

It is very convenient to get the product of your choice in a few clicks in e-commerce firms. You might also feel that the product is offered at frugal rate by the site. But that is not true all the time!

The actual price of the product might be camouflaged with the additional shipping charges. The surprising thing is that you might not even get a clue that you’re paying considerably higher for the product.


There are some major constraints in online shopping that can’t be wiped out with the use of technology. I would advise every buyer to make a proper balance between online and actual shopping. Also, make smart buying decisions by assessing the quality of product on several parameters before placing the order.

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