5 Best Smartphones and Gadgets launched at MWC 2017

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS (MWC) is the mobileindustry’s biggest annual trade show. Focused specifically on upcoming smartphones and other mobile devices; with every announcement, there’s a potential iPhone-killer. Plenty of fascinating gadgets at MWC 2017.

Nokia 3310, The Return

The original Nokia 3310 sold over 125 million models. The rebooted 2017 version looks nearly the same but comes with new features and twists. It comes with snakes in case you’ve been longing for that and users can also browse the web and tweet on its extremely small 2.4 inches. the phone also has a 2mp camera and a battery that will last for a month.

Sony Experia XZ Premium

The Xperia XZ Premium is a 5.5-inch smartphone that comes with a beautiful 4K, HDR, 2160 x 3840 display — a smartphone firstBasically sony took some of its high tech tv technology and put it in its smartphone. 19MP rear-racing camera with a video-capture feature — called Motion Eye — that allows users to film unbelievable slow-mo videos: 960 fps at 720p. Sony says the camera is “so advanced, it captures motion that the human eye can’t see.” The new flagship smartphone will come with a beast of a processor (835 Snapdragon). 

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A megascreen smartphone because of its 18;9 aspect ratio that actually fits into your hands. the LG G6 has water resistance (IP68) and support for wireless charging of any kind (PMA and Qi). It’s also the first smartphone to have Google Assistance built in. (aside from the Pixel, of course).

Blackberry KeyOne

Blackberry trademark keyboard, 4.5 inch, 1620×1080 touchscreen display and 52 total shortcuts; u can launch apps by just holding down the keys. 12 mp camera for the rear facing and 8mp for the front. 32 GB internal storage and the latest android OS.

Samsung Galaxy Book and Galaxy Tab S3

Both back to basics design that stays true to the galaxy roots. The first device to have an HDR screen to stream HDR content by Samsung. Quad speakers and auto rotating sound. if you flip the tablet the sound will also flip accordingly. 

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