Do You Know What Girls Mostly Searches On The Internet? This analysis will leave you shocked! 

In today ‘s world, almost every person has started using the Internet to know the answer to every little thing. The entire world of internet information is just one click away.
The growth in terms of the time spent on search recorded by women in the age group of 35-44 years outnumbers the growth of middle-aged men by 123%.

India currently holds the world’s third-largest internet user base after China and the US with approximately 325 million active users. Of this, 121 million users are on broad band while the rest are narrow-band internet users.

But have you ever tried to know that what  girls do most for internet use, we are going to tell you in this post.

1. Fashion: Every single girl search for fashion related topics on the internet, tips or many different ways. Girls also use the internet to follow their fashion icon.
2. Translator and English Grammer: To improve your vocabulary, the best friend of girls is the internet itself. It gives information about the meaning of any word and how it is used to describe any word.

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3. Facebook And Other Social Sites: Now we all know how much girls love taking selfies. In such a situation, girls use Facebook more to post those selfies or photos. In addition to photos, different types of posts also make use of Facebook or Instagram quite a lot of girls.
4. Health Tips: Girls look for tips on the Internet to keep their body and mind healthy. They also searches a lot about keeping the figure fit and fine according to their idol figures.
5. Online shopping: Girls spend their maximum time on online shopping websites and discount offers. Most girls know about every offer of every site.

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