Good News! Just charge once for and use mobile for 3 months

Such a need has become a necessity of smartphone life, without which life can not be imagined, but after using the smartphone, the batteries are all upset due to early discharge.

According to media sources, you may be able to charge your phone once every three months in the future. Scientists have discovered a technique that requires you to charge your phone only once every 3 months.

Actually, scientists have created a material that will cause your smartphone’s processor to use 100 times less energy. Researchers from Michigan and Cornell University have discovered this substance called magnetoelectric multifactor.

This substance produces thin layers of atoms that make magnetic polar films. This means that they can receive and send data using a small portion of the energy and that is why the battery of the smartphone runs for longer days.

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Actually, the processors that are made now are manufactured through a semiconductor based system. Such processors should have constant current flows.

It is being said that due to this, there will be a revolutionary change in the field of smartphones, which will also be able to save energy over time.

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