Here’s all about oneplus 5T you need to know

The OnePlus 5T is coming in just a few days, but thanks to the numerous leaks that we have seen around, we know everything about the phone already before its launch. And thanks to that, we also now can tell whether the phone is going to be a big deal when compared to the OnePlus 5, or did OnePlus just make a few subtle changes to bring a completely new phone.

Thanks to the leak on YouTube by one of the YouTubers who accidentally pushed out an unboxing, we know everything about the phone.

What has really changed? The OnePlus 5 was not a bad phone at all, but the epidemic of 18;9 caught up with OnePlus as well as the company decided to change the resolution for good, after most of the brands came out with one such option, including the Google Pixel 2 XL, LG G6, and a few others. Let’s check out how the OnePlus 5T is different from OnePlus 5.

Source: YouTube

The display goes bigger

It was a 5.5-inch Full HD display on the front of OnePlus 5, but now, the 5T has a 6-inch display with the Full HD+ resolution, i.e. 2160 x 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio also changes from 16:9 to 18:9, which makes the display taller and gives the user a bigger area to view the content.

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Sunlight display

While it is the Optic AMOLED display on the front of the phone, the new built-in software algorithm gives it a Sunlight display feature, which means the display automatically adapts to harsh light for a better viewing experience. There are some common scenarios where the screen parameters like the contrast are automatically adjusted, and these scenarios include the usage of camera, gaming, recording a video, and accessing the gallery.

Changes in the buttons and fingerprint sensor

Source: YouTube

The bigger display size means that you will now see the fingerprint sensor in a new place – the back of the phone. It will be the first phone to see the sensor in that place, and apart from that, the navigation buttons on the either side of the home button earlier are now taking place within the display itself.

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Better camera aperture for secondary lens

The second camera on the back of OnePlus 5 had a rather bleak F/2.6 aperture that was never able to do well in the low-light conditions. Here, the OnePlus 5T now has F/1.7 aperture so that the low light performance is good. So now, both the cameras on the back, the 16MP one and the 20MP one have the same aperture size, which will boost the performance in low light.

Source: YouTube

Redesigned camera interface for large screen

OnePlus has worked on the OxygenOS camera app to give an easy one-hand access to the users, who feel that the 6-inch screen size is quite large. The access to different camera modes, manual settings, etc. makes it easy for the users without having to worry about the size.

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Better portraits as focal length is same

The focal length of 27.22mm is the same on both the cameras that are located on the back of OnePlus 5T. This will let measure the depth well and keep the details of the focused object well, leading to a great portrait capture. The multi-frame algorithm compares the different frames to remove the inconsistencies and improve the overall clarity of the portraits. Also, thanks to this focal length being the same on both, there is no need of cropping of the picture.

These are the only differences between the flagship of 2017 from OnePlus, and another flagship of 2017 from OnePlus. The company initially was said to be not planning a variant for the OnePlus 5 but it finally is coming. Are you still excited?

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