Now we can interact with Cortana from your android phone’s lock screen

While Google Assistant is still in development stage and most of android devices haven’t received GI update, Microsoft is turning the tables by continues fleshing out Cortana’s functionality on Android phones.
Still waiting for your phone to receive Google Assistant? Perhaps you’ve considered downloading Microsoft’s own personal assistant, Cortana to your phone. With its latest update, Microsoft has added some interesting features including the ability to interact with Cortana without having to unlock your device.
In a previous update, Microsoft added lock screen functionality that let you see your daily schedule via Cortana on your lock screen. This latest update now gives you the option to ask Cortana questions, add reminders, and more without needing to unlock your phone. Microsoft has improved other aspects of the app, adding dedicated buttons for creating reminders and lists as well as improving reminders in general as well as location-based triggers.
Let me know your experience on this.

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