Now you don’t need internet connection to read web pages and surfing the internet on your android phone

Google has rolled out a new update to its downloads feature in Chrome on Android that lets users download web pages for offline viewing easy. Fere’s how to do it

Google is Back in December last year, Google rolled out ‘Downloads’ feature in its mobile web browser Chrome on Android. The feature allowed users to save a web page for offline viewing. Today, the company has rolled out a new update that makes saving web pages for offline viewing super easy, which means you say goodbye to long and complicated bookmarking techniques.

Whether you are in the metro, travelling on a train, flying miles across for a business meeting or stuck in a location with crappy network, all you have to do is long hold the webpage you want to download and tap on the ‘download link’ option (yes, it’s that simple!). The only catch is that you need to download the latest version of Google Chrome on your Android smartphone.

Here’s how you can download a link for offline viewing:

Step 1: Open Chrome web browser on your Android smartphone

Step 2: Open the website with the list of topics you would like to read later

Step 3: Long hold on any link and tap on ‘download link’ option in the popup menu

To access the downloaded link when you are out of a network area, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Chrome web browser on your Android smartphone

Step 2: Tap on three dots and tap on ‘downloads’ option

Step 3: Open the story you want to read.

You can also save pages for downloading later if you suddenly go offline. Here’s how:

Step 1: In your Chrome browser tap on ‘download page later’ option

Step 2: The page will download automatically when you are back online

Interestingly, Google notifies you about your saved web pages by highlighting the website on your Chrome home with a blue tick. Happy Reading!

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