Reliance Jio is Planning to extend their offer till 30 june 2017

About This Offer

Here are the new updtes coming that Now you might enjoy JIO free data and call services till 30th June. Reliance JIO may extend their happy new year offer till 30th June 2017. Here are the things you should know about Reliance JIO extending their offer till 30th June 2017. Although there is no official announcement for this news. But we can trust that this can be true as we have seen in the past and yes this time may be JIO will not be giving free services like before. So you have to pay a little amount to continue these services. Reliance JIO June 2017 Extended Offer is just awesome.

  • Jio Extended Offer Date: June 30th, 2017
  • Jio happy new offer Expiry Date: March 31st, 2017
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How to extend JIO free services until 30th June 2017..??

You will have to pay an amount of Rs 100 to extend your free JIO services until 30th June. “We have to start making some revenue, ” a JIO worker told this. So in just Rs 100, you can extend your Happy New Year free JIO services till 30th June 2017.

By- Kunal Gola

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