Very bad news for those who have high expectations from Apple iPhone 8

The upcoming Apple smartphone has recently been rumoured in two variants, one with the fingerprint sensor embedded at the font, underneath the display and another with the sensor placed at the back. But none of them is to have a curved screen which was long rumoured on the so called anniversary edition. A new leak has confirmed the same.

The new leak comes in form of CAD renders from Onleaks that suggest how the iPhone 8 might look. There are characteristics of the design that reveal it won’t be anything like the Samsung’s Galaxy S8. What appears at a closer look is a display topped with a 2.5D curved glass and extremely narrow bezels, probably like the LG G6.


Very bad news for those who have high expectations from Apple iPhone 8

Previous renders that show a lit up display revealed that it will be edge to edge, if not curved at the corners. That would be far-fetched as to give an “infinity display” kind of experience that the Galaxy S8 offers, you need to curve out the display. If Apple finds some way out to get the best of both worlds, it would be a design feat everybody has been waiting for.

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Other cues from the leak include curved edges, missing footprint of a fingerprint sensor which means it’s probably embedded under the display (not under the glass) and a missing headphone jack.
On the other side, you see the cameras laid out vertically. They seem to be bulging out more than ever. This time around, Apple is said to have 3D rear cameras that can perceive depth and will be used for augmented reality based functionality. Previous reports also hinted of dual camera at front that will also provide similar function. If you look closely at the renders, you will find two cameras. But they are on the either side of the earpiece which doesn’t make sense. It seems highly unlikely that they would function as two independent cameras.

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As we explained previously , the shiny rear of the iPhone 8 could either be glass or metal. Apple has made the iPhone 7 Jet Black edition out of metal. But it has been polished to such an extent that it gives out the impression that it’s all-glass.

It remains to be seen if Apple keeps both designs (fingerprint at front and back), launching them as different variants or select only one when the iPhones are launched this September.

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