Whoops! Samsung may have leaked the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, detailed specs and release date revelaed

Uh oh, did Samsung blow the lid on its own Galaxy S8 Plus phone?

Earlier Tuesday, the company published what is believed to be the S8 Plus support page live on its Samsung India website, according to Forbes. Click that link though, and all you get is a blank page and an error message.

Although we’ve heard plenty of rumors about the Galaxy S8 Plus and it’s smaller S8 sibling, this would be the first time that Samsung acknowledged the S8 Plus device by name.

Samsung is rumored to be changing up its plan by releasing a curve-screen Galaxy S8 and larger (also curve-screen) Galaxy S8 Plus. That contrasts to last year’s straight-sided Galaxy S7 and curvaceous S7 Edge. If true, this signals that Samsung has now mastered its curve-screen manufacturing process enough to make all its S8 phones this way. (The unfortunate Note 7 also had a curved screen.) That gives Samsung one more feather in its cap compared to other devices — CNET has called the curve-screen look polished and extra immersive.

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Back to the URL in question. The only thing the it does reveal is the phone’s model number, SM-G955FD. If you start typing the model number into the support page’s search bar, the drop down menu will complete the number for you. This is pretty good evidence that there is at least some Samsung phone with the unknown model number. Other publications noticed the page and were quick to say that it was the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The stunning Samsung Galaxy S8 concept design of your dreams

Samsung has said it won’t unveil the Galaxy S8 atMobile World Congress later this month. The going rumor suggests that the phone could instead launch on March 29.

Since the phone is not yet official, we don’t really know all the ways that the S8 will differ from the S8 Plus. It’s been rumored that the S8 will have a 5.8-inch display, while the S8 Plus will be 6.2-incher.Another report also claims that the larger phone will have a bigger battery, 3,750mAh vs 3,250mAh.

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Samsung declined to comment.

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