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If you are a youtuber and suddenly you got the mail tht your youtube channel is terminated, then for sure tht is the one of the worst day of your life. but friend don’t be sad, we are here to help you…you can get your youtube channel back, yes you heard it right …

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Firstly we have to sort out the exact Reason behind youtube channel termination:-

Community Guidelines terminations

Reasons accounts are terminated:

If you feel that your account has been suspended in error you may appeal the suspension by visiting the following form.

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Copyright terminations

If your account was terminated due to claims of copyright infringement and you believe the copyright claims against your account are improper or invalid, you may file a DMCA counter-notification. This process is still available for terminated users – access to your account is not necessary.

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the main reason behind your youtube channel termination is showing in the red bar

Restoring terminated YouTube channel

  • You had received an email stating that your account has terminated and there you can find a link of help center
  • Click on to termination and know the reason behind termination of your account and within a few hours, you can receive a mail from YouTube.
  • The YouTube will not allow if the channel has already received repeated violations and you may need resolve any one of your video removal to get back your account or channel.
  • Make request email to the YouTube if it is not really intentional or whether your video didn’t crossed the content regulations and rules.
  • So, YouTube can make a review on your channel and re- instate your youtube channel soon and make it operational and active again. But the flagged videos cannot be restored.
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