How to Crack any mobile phone password or pattern lock in simple steps

Nowadays we all keep lock in our phones. That’s because our personal chats or pictures should be keep private.But what if we forget our phone’s password or the Android device’s lock code? If you have forgotten the password or the pattern lock, then here are some tips to unlock it.

Unlock Your Android with Factory Reset:

This is the easiest trick to unlock your Android device. Anyone can do it in just 1 minute. But there is a problem with this trick. That is, this will delete all the data on your mobile. The contact details, SMS, app, music (which are saved in the phone memory), etc. will be deleted in your mobile. If you are not worried about the data then you can use this trick.If your mobile has some required data that you do not want to lose, then you should use trick number 2.

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To Unlock Android Device With Factory Reset To Do These Steps Follow:

First of all take that Android smartphone, which is to unlock.After this, switch the phone off.Now stay for at least one minute.Now press the + volume button and power button simultaneously.Your device will open in recovery mode. Tap on Factory Reset button from within.To clean the data, tap on the wipe cache partition.Now wait for 1 minute again and start your Android device.Now your Android device will be unlocked.

Unlock Android Device Patterns via Android Device Manager:

You can also unlock your Android device password or pattern lock via the Android Device Manager website. This website gives you the power to control the phone without using the device. You can also trace the location of your mobile phone. This feature can also work if your phone is lost or stolen. How to use this to let you unlock your phone.

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  • Visit the Android Device Manager app
  • Enter your Gmail ID, which you used in your locked Android device.
  • Now click on the lock option.
  • Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock via Android Device Manager.
  • Enter a new password and confirm your new password again.
  • Leave the rest of the boxes blank and click on the lock again.
  • Now reboot your Android smartphone.
  • Now enter the new password that you had set up with Android Device Manager.
  • This method does not work with all Android devices.

Bypass the pattern lock on your device:

This trick will work only if you have an active data connection in the locked mobile device. If your data connection is on, you can easily unlock your smartphone.

Follow these steps to follow:

  • Take your smartphone and draw the wrong pattern lock in it 5 times. You will now see a notification, which will say, Trial after 30 seconds.
  • Now it will have an option of forward password.
  • Enter your Gmail ID and password in it, which you put in the locked device.
  • Now, you can set a new pattern lock.
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