How to Make Programs Run Faster on your device with Less RAM ?

The most frustrating thing about computers and other devices  can often be the lack of speed at which they perform. We live busy lives and we don’t have time to wait for our programs to load and perform the tasks we want them to perform. When it comes to boosting program performance speed, the component to think about is Random Access Memory [RAM ].

Think about RAM as a computer storage system that reads any data you input to the computer – such as start a program – and writes the orders – the things you want to do. RAM does these two functions much faster than other computer storage options like the SSDs. Therefore, if you want speed, you want your RAM to be in order.
However, the solution to making programs run faster on PC is actually not about adding more RAM. Indeed, here is a look at why you might need to solve the issue with less RAM and how it can be done.

More RAM not always the solution

As mentioned, simply adding more RAM is not a solution for two reasons. First, your computer has a specific set of RAM that it allows installing. Indeed, the motherboard determines what amount of RAM is safe to have and even if you wanted to, you can add more than what the motherboard allows. If your motherboard supports a maximum of 8GB RAM, you can’t go and buy a 16GB RAM – it just won’t work.

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The other reason relates to cost. Updating your RAM is not always cheap – especially if you also need to buy a new motherboard. Therefore, you might want to figure out how to make programs run fast with less RAM.

Using a virtual RAM

The solution to speeding up your programs does rely on RAM. However, you don’t necessarily need to add more physical RAM to your computer. You can, instead, utilize a virtual RAM system that will make it seem like you have more storage available.
In order to do this, you need to find RAM Drive Creator software. The software will make it seem like you actually have more RAM available than you do – super clever and it isn’t even hard to utilize this tool.
The virtual RAM works by taking a chunk of your actual RAM and mounting it as a virtual hard drive. This will mean your programs will use the hard drive and run as fast as they would if they were using actual RAM.
There are quite a few RAM Drive creators out there. The most popular software includes the likes of Miray RAM Drive and SoftPerfect RAM Disk. Each software has its pros and cons and you should spend some time exploring the different options. It’s important to find something that you find easy to use and that has good reviews in terms of being able to do what it promises.
Most of the software uses a rather similar method in unleashing the virtual RAM and making your programs run faster. You essentially have to download the program on your computer, open it up and follow the instructions. You can then choose how much RAM you require – no point in utilizing more of it than what you need. You also need to decide how much of your actual RAM you want the software to use. Most of these programs allow you to turn the software on and off depending on your needs.

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Clearing your computer from clutter

Another trick to making programs run faster on PC with fewer RAM deals with the stuff clogging up the system. Your RAM might actually be wasting its energy on programs that you are not running – it’s a good idea to regularly go through your computer’s storage and see what programs can be deleted and which can be turned off. For example, Windows might start running programs without you knowing that they are slowing down the computer. So, make sure you check out which programs are running at any point in time – turn off those that you are not even using.

Adding RAM cheaper

While a virtual RAM can be an instant solution to solve slow programs, you might also want to consider the traditional route of adding more RAM. It’s a good idea to also check whether your motherboard supports more RAM than you are currently using. If so, you can buy the extra for relatively cheap since you don’t need to update your computer’s motherboard. OZCodes has a range of computer and technology retailers offering discount codes. Using these will guarantee you cut the costs even further.
If your computer is old and you have the budget for upgrading it, you should do so. When you are looking for a new computer, keep in mind the amount of RAM you should have – especially if you find your current PC running programs slowly.
There are plenty of clever solutions to common computer problems. As the above shows, they don’t always require you to spend a lot of money. Speeding up your programs won’t necessarily require new RAM – you can make programs run faster on PC with less RAM. Just know where to look!

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