[EXCLUSIVE] – If you are using Memory Card in your Smartphone, then this post is for you. Shocking info!

  1. A memory card is one of the most important things for smartphone, but sometimes it creates multiple problems such as “this function does not work due to insufficient storage” for one and in some cases it may also say “please insert memory card before using this app”.

So the question comes to mind: how do you solve it?

Here are some solutions:

• NEVER buy a memory card from unauthorized seller (i.e. Ebay, off-brand, etc.)

• DO NOT buy a second hand memory card because it may contain viruses already presented within.

• NEVER download anything from an untrusted website.

• Use a TRUSTED antivirus.

• In some case viruses are recieved by sharing data, be weary of whom you are do so with.
Solutions for various problems in a memory card:-

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1. If your card is disappearing from the phone.

If your memory card is disappearing from your phone after putting it into the phone, just connect your card to the computer and format the card again. But beware that the data can delete completely after formatting the card again. You should backup memory card before formatting it again.

2. If  your phone overheats after putting the card in it.

If your new android smartphone overheats after putting the card in it, it is not your phone’s problem. Actually, you are putting your old memory card in the new smartphone and that is the reason behind this problem. You should format the card again by connecting it to the computer. But you should backup the card before formatting it again.

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3. You have to face error while accessing the old file from the card.

If you are facing error while accessing any old file from the card, it means there is a virus in your card because of which your file is corrupting. You can use any file recovery software to get your old file. Also, you can scan or format the card.

4. The App doesn’t install into the card.

Apps can install not only into the phone but also into the card.  So there is a problem occurs occasionally in your phone that any app doesn’t install into the card properly. Though there are such apps which can install only into the card.But if any app doesn’t install into your phone, it is a problem of Android Secure.

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First you should check that if your card’s file folder have damaged.  If yes, it means your phone creates a new file in the place of that original file. This problem arises due to such malfunctions in the phone’ setting. You can fix this problem by formatting the card again.

But if you want to fix this problem without formatting the card, you have to delete that error which is in the Android Secure file using following steps:

1. First connect your phone to the computer

2. Go to the Micro SD Card by selecting USB Storage Device

3. Empty sdcard.Android Secure file in the card

Now, you can install any app in the card without any error.

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