Keen to know how Truecaller actually works? Here’s your exact answer. 

Many times my friends ask me how this True caller works, from where it get it’s database. So i searched lot and come to conclusion that when some one install this TrueCaller app on their mobile, it scan or sync all contacts from your mobile and make it’s list in their database. That’s How they have created a huge library of phone number with its owner information.
Now when someone calls you, it search for the number in its database and fetch its information if available and displays it on your screen.

You must have observed that it displays random name that someone has saved in their contact. Like one my friend called from his another number that was not in my contact list. So on my screen it displays “Neighbor Boss” but his name is Nitesh, so its clear that it fetches information from other contact list.

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And one did not need to have Smart phone or True Caller app on your Mobile Phone to be on True Caller. Your number can be there on TrueCaller Database even if you have not added it, or even you don’t have True Caller App in your Phone.

Actually when some of your friend with True Caller app in his/her phone saves your Contact Number, True caller sync that with its database and list your number in their database. That’s how your number got listed in True Caller.

This Video will more clear your doubt about How TrueCaller works ?

So i think from this video You got your answer to the question How TrueCaller works ?
So guys if you still have any doubt regarding How TrueCaller works ? you can ask it in comments.

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