Now a Smartphone battery will last for 90 days on 1 charge

With every passing day, the smartphones are getting smarter. That’s the good news. Now, the bad news. As the smartphones get smarter, our irritation mounts as they eat up tons of power and require frequent charging. But, this irritating aspect may soon be history, we wil tell you why.

You may not believe it, but the fact is soon you may have to charge your smartphones once in few months, three months to be precise. This, thanks to researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell. They have developed a magic material termed “magnetoelectric multiferroic,”

This material allows computers and smartphones to work on few short pulses of electricity in quick time, rather than continuous electricity supply over a period of time. In practical terms this means that the computers and smartphones will need 100 times less energy to work, and will function for a very, very long period before they need a recharge. With this material, a smartphone battery is expected to work for 90 days before it needs a recharge.

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This magic material produces a thin, magnetically polar film by sandwiching together individual layers of atoms. This thin film then needs just a tiny pulse of energy to switch from negative to positive. However, researchers say that it will not be before 2030 that this material can be used on a mass scale.

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