These 9 methods will increase your mobile charging speed, leads in providing you tremendous battery life! 

These tips will serve you immensely to overcome the problem of slow charging smartphone. 

Problem of slow charging smartphones went common. Users want so be sure to buy a good phone but continues to be troublesome battery and charging the phone. This problem only occurs with not just with smartphones, but feature phones. Many users of these that are coming malfunction in trouble battery or charger slow charging the phone. But it is not necessary. Is also wrong some of the users during that phone charging has seen so many times why he is slow charging. Hence, we will help you are going to tell you some tips on calling the fast charge.
Smartphone tips to charge faster :
1. Market in will receive adapter Fast charging charger. They help the phone gets faster charging.
2. Keep in mind that you should always use the same phone as the original charger. Using another charger is also having trouble of slow charging the phone.
3. Put the charging phone in Airplane mode. Doing so will not network call and will not be useless notifications. This phone will soon be charged.
4. Turn off time Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity while charging the phone.
5. Do they make a difference on the charging of storage on the NFC mode phones. Turn off time NFC mode charge phones such.
6. is the battery saver mode in most smartphones. Turn to this mode when the phone is charging. This call will be charged faster and remains connectivity of the phone.
7. Reduce the brightness while charging the phone. It will also impact on charging.
8. Switch off while charging the phone. It is charging the phone faster.
9. Turn off data while the phone is charging. It will also make phone charging. 

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