These top 10 apps will make your life easier without any hassle! 

​Apps without which our life is totally boaring and apps for now days is everything for peoples who use smartphone.Developers try to make best apps which will helpful for us or make our work easy.So, everyday many apps are releasing.So here i will tell about 10 Best Apps For March 2017 you really need to use all of these. 
1. Floatify :- This is lock screen notification app and this one is really good you are able to customise theme , colour , size of notification and the best part of this app is that you are able to reply of any message from the lock screen. No need to open lock and then open app which help you to save your time.
2.Sectograph :- If you are a worker , college student and want to remeber all your important events then this one app really good for you. you need to try it
3.Appcloner :- If you want to use more than one app of same kind in your phone like two whatsapp,two fb then you need to try ths one this app give permissions to you to make clone of any app and the best part isyou are able to customise their colour , name , size etc.
4.maskchat:-This app is helpful to hide your chat at public palace.
5.SideBar:- To give a different look to your phone and to make shortcuts for apps and settings you need to use this app.Use of this app is really easy.
6.GIF Maker :- GIF is the mostly sent images now a days.But you use only downloaded GIF.But with the help of this app you are able to make your own GIF
7.Universal Copy:- This app give power to you to copy any text from anywhere.
8.LongScreenshots:- If you want to send many screenshots without mixing them this is really helpful for that purpose.This app can add more screenshots in one.
9.KWGT:- Kustom widget maker this app give permission to customize thier widgets ,there colour,tasks, size everything you can customise easily.
10.TouchCircle :- This is early access app means not launched upto now this give a good look to your phone and it is different from other can change the text of circle just by swipimg and many more thing you can do.

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