This is the right way to charge the battery

You have rarely met someone and you have heard good things about the mobile battery. Most people seem too unhappy with their battery.

If you charge the battery correctly, its performance and life can increase.

Many phone makers say their phone batteries are made to charge 300-500 times. After that, the battery capacity decreases. After that, the batteries are unable to store the charge properly.

It is advisable that the battery should not charge 0 to 100%.

Lithium-ion batteries should be charged between 40% and 80%. It would be best if you do not let the charge less than 20 percent.

According to PC Advisor, the battery should not charge more than once 100 times per month. As the computer is restarted, this is exactly the same thing.

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It’s best to use the charger that comes with your phone. Chargers found in the market, especially for some phones. If the charger is not okay then it can damage the phone.
The lithium-ion battery should not be kept without charge for a long time. If you keep them charged between 40-50%, then it will be fine. Generally, such batteries are 5-10 percent discharge in a month.

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