Why Are There Crushed Stones Along The Railway Track? Here’s the technological reason behind this

Railway journeys are always a vivid memory which we cherish through out our lives. Looking out of the window to enjoy the fresh air dashing on our face. Standing on the gate of the train or sitting on the entrance staircase is something nobody would miss.

We must have travelled hundreds of kilometres by rail in our lifetime. Did you ever notice these debris of stones strewn along the railway track? What purpose do these solve? Why not just put the tracks on the ground directly?
Don’t wrack your brain, the reason is pretty simple!

These crushed stones that you see along the railway track are called Ballast. These crushes stones are used to hold the concrete cross ties (sleepers) in place. The cross ties in return holds the metal rails together.

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Further, these crushed stones are sharp and rough to avoid slippage of the train while passes through. They avoid the growth of wild plants and grass on the track which makes the track weak.

Also. the track ballast or ballast prevents the water from clogging on the tracks, thus avoiding slippage.

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